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Toulouse: SnootLab & Artilect

Toulouse is the first european tour’s stop.
Here Frederic welcomes us, a brilliant entrepreneur that transform his life passion in a successful society: Snootlab
Snootlab is the first French retailer on line of shields for Arduino and OpenHardware components.
A pure bet.
Fred and Marc were the first who believed in it. they know each other since 40 years, their whole life: Marc is an engineer, Fred an economist.

The first enjoied his adolescence building rockets, the second in imagine an alternative life outside the Stocks Market to nourish his karma. 3 years ago they decided to found the company.
The crisis didn’t scared them, and after a fist moment of down,Snootlab starts to work, growing up in an exponential way. Fred firmly believes in open source ethic, in the cooperation, in the ability of someone to create succesfull enterprise. The “Do it Yourself” is often in their speech, as a philosophy, and a solution to unemployement, but not the only one.

However Fred and Marc created jobs, Believing years ago in a futuristic and risky project, challenging the Murphy’s Law and the more inflexible French laws that close doors to people that fails.

The same enthusiastic and idealist spirit is in Artilect, the Fablab that host the  MakerFaireRome Barcamper Tour  during the Toulouse night, between 3D printers, laser cutters and bizarre scenographies of a close itinerant Circus.
Nicolas opened with others the Artilectlab in 2008 to create a space for students inventors and designers where find knowhow, software and devices able to develop ideas and projects.
You can find there PLA design objects, robot able to draw on a paper following with a sensor your hands movement or 3D sculptures of voice records represented as sound waves. Hundreds of members, thousands of projects did in less than 6 years.
Nicolas considers his Job as a mission. He doesn’t know if the revolution he’s following day by day will be the third industrial one.
For sure he believes the real innovation is in sharing, open source and in a new economical paradigma, that peers will rewrite working on a common goals.

After the interviews everyone goes back to their work and we come back to our camper: on our GPS there’s now Bordeaux. Tomorrow the Open Biduoille will start, the french makers will move to Gironde for two days of performance speeches and meetings. We’ll see there. Indeed you’ll see us for sure!


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