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First step: Toulouse

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Tunnel dù Fregius. In the night you can see only the white Alpes’ peaks under the moonlight.
And after few miles it happens that you’ll loose the signal, you’ll speak in French or in gestures and you’ll be welcome in our “cousins” land.
Meanwhile The Barcamper becomes in few hours your only and precious new home.
And a life dream becomes real: never pass unobserved!
We left Italy in the dark, we’ll see it again next month.
From now we’ll cross the Europe, the first cross is about 850 km.
Direction: Toulouse, Snootlab.
Frederic is waiting for us in their headquarters.
The Snootlab is a shop/blog of hardware’s components. On their site you can read:

“Nous imaginons, concevons, fabriquons de nouveaux shields pour Arduino et nous les distribuons partout dans le monde. C’est notre façon de contribuer au développement de l’Open Hardware.”

We’ll tell you the Snootlab soon. Meanwhile the Barcamper travels, and if you see it, let’s give a tweet!


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