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5 DIY ideas from the Wi-Fi amplifier to toys

Hands up if you’ve always underestimated the usefulness of cans. Well, think again. A few weeks ago, we put forward five ideas (some crazier than others) to test out your skills as a maker. There, we saw how you can turn a can into a survival camp stove. This time, we aim higher, but there is also room for new ideas.

Wi-Fi Amplifier – Wireless Internet is amazing, but sometimes the signal isn’t great. To improve it, you just need a basic can and a utility knife. Thoroughly clean out the can and slice off the base by cutting a horizontal line around the bottom of the can. Do the same thing to the top, but this time, leave 1 inch attached to the drinking hole: this will serve as the base. Now cut down the back of the can, spread it out and thread your router’s antenna through the hole of the can. How is the signal now?

Full Metal Sofa – There’s no doubt that a comfortable sofa is very nice, but a sofa that you’ve built with your own hands is spectacular. On the Instructables website, you’ll see the sofa project, which is made entirely with steel tubes. Of course, it takes blood, sweat and tears. To make it, you’ll need to have some good tools, and welding it will be far from easy on your first attempt. Still, the result will be phenomenal.

Soil Moisture Sensor – Caring for plants at home is a very delicate subject that touches the heart of the makers. If you really can’t tell when is the right time to water your plants (or worse, you forget to do it), you can build a soil moisture sensor and connect it directly to your smartphone. On the ch00ftech website, you’ll find a very comprehensive guide to get your green fingers back.

Wind Turbine – Being able to charge your laptop or smartphone in remote places can make a difference. To do this, you could do with a homemade windmill built with DIY materials. On YouTube, you’ll find a short video tutorial that shows you which components you need. Here, on the other hand, is a more extensive guide to get your bearings with the individual components. It won’t be easy, but that’s the best part.

Kid’s Toy Excavator – What you see before you is a little masterpiece of mechanics: simple, but really well-made. It’s a grab tool toy for children aged two years and over. It’s entirely homemade (except for the saddle, which was store-bought) and it works by operating two levers. It is not suitable for heavy work and occasionally needs to be lubricated. Nevertheless, it is very durable, making it the ideal toy.

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