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The Barcamper is touring Europe

“People don’t take trips – trips take people” – J. Steinbeck

A trip has begun that tells the tale of people who are able to make objects. They are called makers. You are called makers. And we, on board a Barcamper, a place that is not only physical but also ethical, for sharing and moving, are crossing Europe to film, describe and observe the revolution that the 2.0 inventors are instigating on the continent.

Video blogs, interviews, snippets of life stories, parts of robots, software, codes and ideas.

15 thousand kilometres. 30 destinations. 10 countries on the tour. Hundreds of voices talking about a new Europe.

Bordeaux, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Malmö and Copenhagen. And then there are the events: OuiShare Fest, Open Bidouille, Codemotion. Then the tour goes to Italy, with Fab Labs and makerspaces, and to Rennes, Barcelona and Madrid, and in mid July there will be a Campus party marking the end of the trip.

All told day by day, with extraordinary meetings, festivals bringing together creative minds and inventors, stories of young people who were right not to wait for anyone, but to create new jobs for themselves, at a time when finding work is almost impossible.

The story begins in Florence where everything started because this was the Barcamper that StartupItalia! bought from the mayor of the Tuscan city a month ago. Here, the start-ups that create platforms to bring users in contact with small producers meet at the International Handicrafts Trade Fair and imagine a new Renaissance in the world of trade.  The event tells of passions passed down through the generations, innovative ideas, and of a desire to re-launch something of value: Italian savoir faire.

For us, it is an adventure we could not resist telling everyone about. For the makers, it is a way of telling us how they see the future and the potential of an ethical, economic and social revolution.

The Barcamper will follow an itinerary, crowdsource for the Maker Faire Rome, and let itself be led by what the net has to suggest, and what the road and chance has to offer.

With your help, we can create the first and greatest snapshot of the real European Maker Revolution. Or better still, a long sequence shot while we are about it! Will you follow us?

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