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Hangout on-air with Massimo Banzi today

It is time to talk about Maker Faire Rome, and we are going to do that online. Arduino will host a public GooglePlus hangout with Massimo Banzi and his guests from Europe this evening (April 22nd) at 8 PM CET.

Everyone is invited to share ideas and inspirations before our event takes place in Rome on October 3-6, 2013. This hangout is the first in a series, so do not worry if you are not able to participate. Your voice will be heard soon.

The Call for Makers is also open (until June 2nd) and we are looking forward to discovering your projects. The best ones will be hosted in Maker Faire Rome.

The hangout with Massimo Banzi will be embedded soon in this page too. Enjoy the meeting and share it! More information from Arduino blog:

The first hangout is planned for next Monday 22nd of April h. 8:00 PM CET – Massimo Banzi will be the moderator and his guests are:

David Cuartielles – Arduino Team – Sweden
Addie Wagenknecht – Lasersaur – Austria
Marc Bruyere - Snootlab – France
Join us on googleplus and see you on Monday! (the hangout on-air video will be embedded in this post)

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