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Caine’s Arcade and the 1 million dollars games arcade

We already told Caine‘s story a couple of weeks ago. At 9 years old, the young maker builds a games arcade with cardboard out of his dad’s garage in Los Angeles. By chance a film director walks through the door and decides to tell his story on YouTube. The video explodes online and becomes a viral phenomenon with almost 3.7 million views, turning Caine into a star. But more than just an opportunity to completely transform his life, Caine’s Arcade becomes a springboard to give a helping hand to other children.


The creativity triggered by Caine’s imagination is contagious by nature. It doesn’t take a lot to change the lives of many other young creative’s (at Caine’s Arcade a ticket which gives you 500 turns costs 2 dollars) and convince them that they can make their dreams come true. From this experience in Los Angeles, the Imagination Foundation was born, the aim of which is to help imagination grow in schools and in houses all over the world.


It may seem too abstract a motive, and there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip but in this case there’s only a handful of votes in between. The Caine’s Arcade project is in competition at the My LA 2050, a contest started in order to identify the 10 best ideas for giving the city of Los Angeles a better future. Up for grabs there is an equivalent amount of 100.000 Dollar prizes, so that they can be carried out in the near future.


In Caine’s case, the creative idea consists of a course dedicated to 10.000 students in LA schools, which in September will participate in Caine’s Arcade Challenge. The rules are simple:  build your own games arcade out of cardboard in the classroom and share it with everyone on the 5th October, to mark the Global Cardboard Challenge which will be held all over the world. All the profits made on the day will be used by every single educational institute to finance new creative projects. This is a virtuous circle that is self-sustaining.


Caine’s Arcade is already at first place in the top 10 projects competing at MY LA2050. Voting ends on the 17th April. Anyone can give their vote online and back the project long-distance. For those who are more active, there is also the chance of bringing the Global Cardboard Challenge to their own city. Sometimes a few pieces of cardboard can really change things. What’s important is putting the right energy in.

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