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A tour of the Fuorisalone, looking for ideas

On Thursday morning, the sky was covered in Milan, but when you are at Fuorisalone basically you do not notice. And if you have only 10 hours to see everything there is to see, you might as well choose a location on the map and start from there. In this case, the finger fell on the exhibitions in the area of Ventura Lambrate. Luckily in those areas there was even the Barcamper, which is gearing up ahead of the European tour in search of makers.

But the best part is that even in the halls of Milan there were creative people, artists and ideas that were worth knowing. Just off the Barcamper you come across, for example, with a linoleum bio-factory powered by an army of snails. To be precise, the whole process depends on the colour of their shredded droppings, but the result is far from revolting.

Along with the snails there are also androids, origami chairs, super light fabrics, flashmob plants and other wonders. A few hundred meters away you can also come across the video installation “Mash-Up” by Diederik Schneemann. It poses interesting questions on 3D Printing vs. copyright and makes good examples of hacked design.

After a brief visit to (In)visible Design and GPS-shoes by Dominic Wilcox, you have to take the metro and run to Duomo for the workshop of AfroFuture with Cyrus Kabiru and Jennifer Wolfe, co-organizer of Maker Faire Africa. Objective of the meeting is to build glasses using scrap and hacker them with some LEDs and microcontrollers supervised by Mirco Piccin by Arduino. We really hope to meet them again.

The rest of the afternoon is all about the workshops of WeFab in via Vigevano 35, where they test the 3D printers and give a look at the creations made with Arduino. If you pass by, notice the music mirror on the left-hand side wall and the pool of water lilies set with LEDs. Remember that Sunday 14th right here there will be a brunch with Massimo Banzi, Giorgio Olivero (the “arm” of the call for makers) and Alessandro Masserdotti.

Finally, take a trip to via Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, where you will find exhibitions of [re]vive. Also here there are the interesting 3D printers by Wasp and a beautiful set of ideas to explore. If you’re lucky and you have more than one day available, read the recommended schedule of events (here and here) and get busy.

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