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The Kentstrappers are looking to name their 3D printer

Kentstrapper is the nickname used by the Cantinis, a family of makers based in Florence who told their story to  World Wide Rome  last year. After their experience with the Archimedes and Galileo printers, the time has come to give a name to their “new entry” that has just been launched at the  Milan Design Week. But this time, the makers decided to use the social media. Who suggests the best name wins the new 3D printer and a good dose of glory.

Proposals may be sent through the Kentstrapper  website, the  Facebook  page or with a tweet (  @kentstrapper  ) marked with the hashtag  # trovailnome . Together with the proposal you will also need to provide a slogan (pay-off) that includes the features of the new 3D printer. Just so you have a better idea about the features of the new arrival, here is some technical information by Kentstrapper:

The new printer is made with a sheet of HDF (High-Density Fibreboard), the paste is coloured with natural dyes, laser-cut, with excellent mechanical properties, resistance to wear and is designed with an eye to the environmental impact. The cut file from which the structure is made has been designed to minimise the usage of material (less than one square meter). Of course, the open source philosophy has been hold on to in this project, its cut files are made under a Creative Commons license, and the same printer is controlled with an Arduino board.

Proposals will be evaluated by Kentstrapper and the best one will be published as soon as possible (particularly thanks to Francesco Canovaro and Cosimo Pancini of Kmzero).  Lastly, do not forget to read the rules of the competition.   The news of #trovailnome started with a tweet by Riccardo Luna, but now it’s down to the social networks to spread the word to the four winds.  You can vote until 9th May 9. And may the best win!


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