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Five crowdfunding ideas for 3D printing

There are questions that are difficult to answer. For example, which is the most affordable 3D scanner available on the market? Or, how do you print large-size objects? How do you fine-tune the details of creations printed with ABS plastic?

Online you will find hundreds of tips, tutorials and forums to exchange ideas, but if you prefer a ready-made solution it’s best to look on crowdfunding websites. On platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you’ll find in projects in the financing stage that might give you the solution you’ve been looking for. Here are five ideas to keep an eye on.

Photon 3D Scanner do you want to copy an object and hack the design to reprint as you want? Then you might be interested in the desk scanner designed by Canadian startup Matterform. Just place the object on the base, connect the scanner to the computer and press start. It’s also ideal for those who don’t want to print in 3D, but simply obtain three-dimensional models in high definition.
Deadline: April 30

3D Refiner – those who already have ​​a little practice with 3D printing will know for sure that plastic objects need to be fine-tuned. There are many technical measures to improve details during printing, but if you want to intervene in the finished work you can choose to use the machine designed by 3DPrintsExpress. It works by immersing objects in a bath of solvent to adjust pressure. Take a look at the results.
Deadline: May 1

Gigabot 3D Printer – The name says it all: if you want to print huge things, you have to have a giant 3D printer. re3d.org is working on a machine that can handle volumes higher than those of other desktop printers. The Gigabot covers a volume of 60x60x60 cm and extrudes plastic filaments of 1.75-3mm.Think about it.
Deadline: May 9

RigidBot 3D Printer – bringing a 3D printer into every home is no longer a dream. The prices of the devices already on the market go down year after year, and RigidBot will surely give a nice boost downwards. The Invent-A-Part team is working on a very simple and versatile printer. Ideal for those who want to start to create objects.
Deadline: May 10

DUO – DIY 3D Sensor - Small change of programme: this sensor has nothing to do with 3D printing but is ideal for those interested in smart interaction and videogame development. It’s a USB controller devised by DUO3D and equipped with two lenses that can capture the movements of the hands. Software and hardware are open source, so you can be creative.
Deadline: April 25



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