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A weekend with Massimo Banzi and Arduino

Last weekend we made a nice dive into the world of the Makers. The two most awaited events of the week took place on Saturday 6April: in Rome there was Arduino Day, while in Desio, Brianza, Massimo Banzi visited the high school where he studied as a boy. In case you missed them, below you will find a collection of media content collected on the web and social networks.

Let’s start with the meeting with Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino. Last Saturday, Banzi spoke to a nice audience gathered at the “Enrico Femi” Technical and Industrial Institute in Desio, where he graduated as a boy. There were even some of his old teachers and a large group of new students. If you want to listen to Banzi’s story, you’ll find the complete recording of the streaming on the CrossRadioWeb channel (in three parts 123 ).

The key phrase of the Desio meeting was the motto “innovation without permission” that characterises the landscape of makers and startuppers. To get a broader idea of Banzi’s vision, take a look at the Corriere della Sera video and the interview that appeared in La Stampa. In any case, if you have a bit of free time, watch the streaming of the event (you’ll find it at the bottom of the post).

On the other hand, the best way to recount Arduino Day in Rome is through a timeline collection with Seejay. Because we like contamination, in the middle you’ll find some tweets and photos from the Brianza event with Massimo Banzi. Also, the tweets from the capital, like those from Desio, give you the feeling a person has when being present at a small change.

Among Arduino boards, 3D printers and programming workshops, there was room both for those who have known codes and atoms for a lifetime, and for those who are approaching electronics and DIY for the first time. It’s the same atmosphere that you can recreate from 3 to 6 October at the Maker Faire in Rome. In addition to visiting the fair, you can also participate free of charge as maker exhibitors. All you have to do is send your projects and answer the Call for Makers. Remember, there’s time until 2 June.


Watch live streaming video from crossradio at livestream.com

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