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5 useful (and crazy) projects to make with your own hands

This is the basic principle: inside we are all makers, just that sometimes, we don’t know it. Whether you like programming robots, baking cakes, printing out objects or cutting them out with a laser, the important thing is not to let your ideas escape and to make them. If you feel like it, below are 5 projects found online that you can copy, hack and improve. Some are useful, others perhaps will be later. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing your ideas for the Call for Makers.  Keep up the good work.

Cans on fire – let’s start with something simple, so simple that the DIY tutorial is explained by an animated GIF.  Take an aluminium can, cut in half, make some holes in the bottom, and insert a pad into the other half. Soak the pad in alcohol and close the can by putting one half inside the other. Your survival stove is now ready to use.

Scrap on two wheels – this project is a little more complex: making a bike out of old car parts. To do this, you have to make a trip to the junkyard, have a well-equipped workshop, and do a whole lot of sweating. Before tackling this challenging venture, you can get some inspiration from the Carma project video.

Videomakers and Matrix – to shoot a scene in slow motion and create the Neo-style “bullet time” effect, you just need a GoPro camera, a workbench, and to take a look at Caleb Kraft’s video tutorial.  The results are amazing, even if the subjects (bananas and beer) do little to recreate the atmosphere of the Matrix.

Arduino on the lawn – this is a serious one, as it aims to plant a bit of technology in your garden. We’re talking about Irrduino, home automation to control your sprinkler system. If you’re not sure how to get started, take a look here to check out the links, codes and applications to use.

Desk wings – Bob Potts creates kinetic sculptures that mimic the motions of flight.  They are incredibly beautiful, but we have some bad news: there isn’t any real tutorial to make this kind of creation. The only useful tip could be to carefully go over his videos and steal (in the good sense of the word) some design ideas. Actually, there is also some good news: if you manage to do it, it means you are a true maker.

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