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The makers schedule at [re]vive and ParmaCamp

To get closer to the world of DIY, keep your eye out for upcoming events in Milan and Parma. There is also a series of workshops on the agenda that will lead to the discovery that you are already a maker and have been for a long long time. This week, our attention is focused on Italy, but there is also an interesting event taking place in London for creators and developers in search of inspiration.

The Makers will meet at We Make Open-Design in Milan during the whole week. The program includes talks, meetings, workshops and events you can’t afford to miss. On Sunday 14th, do not miss the MakerFaireRome Brunch with Massimo Banzi, Alessandro Masserdotti and Giorgio Olivero. The place you are looking for is at number 35, Via Vigevano.
Where: Milan, Italiy
When: 8-9-10-11-12-13-14 April

If, during the week, you would like to shed some light on design techniques, choice of materials and laser cutting, try to take part in one of the workshops organised by Handsfree. They range from introductory events on the makers’ tools to practical lessons on how to design and build a lamp. Take the opportunity to have a chat with the Vectorealism team, who will also be joining us.
Where: Milan, Italy
When: 9-10-11-12 April

There is no better way to celebrate the three-year anniversary of the sustainable coworking of Toolbox than to get your hands dirty in one of the workshops organised by Fab Lab Torino. This is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at various creative processes involving paper, software, tools and, of course, Arduino boards. Follow your own direction and have fun.
Where: Turn and Rho, Italy
When: 10-11-13 April

Put the occasion of FuoriSalone with a disused library transformed into an exhibition area, and you get [re]vive. This is a four-day event (11 – 14 April) where you can learn about and buy the winning products of a call for ideas, aimed at makers, creators and startuppers. You’ll find them all at the former brick-kiln, at number 16 Via Alzaia Naviglio Pavese.
Where: Milan, Italy
When: 11-12-13-14 April

It’s worth a visit to the UK on 12 and 13 April for BACON in London. There is no mention of breakfast here, but topics that literally make developers fall in love. Those sure to be attending include Christian Heilmann, evangelist Mozilla developer and Rob Bishop, Raspberry Pi evangelist.
Where: London, UK
When: 12 to 13 April

The week comes to a close on 13 April with ParmaCamp, a barcamp entirely dedicated to makers and creators. Among the participants, you’ll also find Italy’s long-known makers: artisans and bakers. Admission is free but you must register by 12 April on Eventbrite.
Where: Parma, Italy
When: 13 April

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