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Labitat and Rule 0 of the Danish makers

Labitat The beauty of makers is that they are always coming in contact with each other. In March, Massimo Banzi and David Gomba went to visit Labitat, a makerspace in the western side of Copenhagen. It is a fantastic place where you breathe the right atmosphere: tons of hardware, computers, biohacking experiments (they are plants, don’t worry) and a well-equipped kitchen. Massimo and David have already recounted their trip in pictures on Arduino Blog, and it is worth adding a few words.

First, here’s the way to get there: with your back to the park of Frederiksberg Have park, go down Gammel Kongevej, turn left into Ørsteds vej and stop in front of number 5.There, in the basement, is Labitat. Go down the stairs and dive into makerspace. Everything you need to know about the philosophy of this site is summarised in Rule 0:

Rule 0
Don’t act in a way that requires us to create a new rule.

Guideline 0
Membership is free, but to use Labitat you must contribute to Labitat.

This means that Labitat can only live thanks to the people who frequent it and their constructive coexistence. It is a simple but powerful message. Once understood, there is always time for fun with the crazy projects organised within the makerspace. Like The Fridge, the fridge hacked thanks to a modified portable, a bar code scanner and a card reader attached to the door. Or like CANduino,
a system for showing if the toilet is occupied (you know that if you’re writing codes you have to optimise waiting time), made ​with an Arduino board.

It doesn’t end here. The best way to learn about Labitat is to follow the Twitter account (@labitat_dk) and take a look at the collection of photos on the Flickr group. If you’re still curious, browse the wiki with all ongoing projects. And if you are passing through here, whistle and someone will show you the way. To be on the safe side, come at 19:00 on a Tuesday, the weekly appointment for the open door tour.

Photo Credits: kuro_dk / BY-NC-ND

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