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3Doodler: the pen for makers triumphs on Kickstarter

Here is a pen that brings designers’ ideas to life, but it is not made to write on a simple sheet of paper. To be honest, you can use it pretty much anywhere as you can create 3D objects with it.  It’ is called  3Doodler  and has just completed its successful crowdfunding campaign on  Kickstarter. In just over a month a whopping $ 2.3 million have been collected.

A great success for  WobbleWorks, the small Boston start-up founded by Peter Dilworth  and Maxwell Bogue.  The two makers – whose dream is to design robots and toys – have created a pen capable of emulating 3D printers. The idea has made inroads on the web and 3Doodler, which looks like a small soldering device weighing just 200 grams, will soon become a reality.

As often happens on Kickstarter, the goal of the 3Doodler inventors was not ambitious: $ 30,000 would have been enough to start a small production and test the product. The response from supporters, however, was so enthusiastic and donations exceeded a million dollars within a few days.

The 3Doodler uses ABS strands (3 mm diameter), the plastic used for Lego bricks and by many 3D printers. Just hold it, press a button and the melted plastic solidifies into the desired shape. Alternatively, you can also use PLA, a biodegradable polymer found in nature.

The presentation video and FAQ section give you a pretty good idea of ​​everything that can be created with the pen. As you can read in the  Update March 22, there will soon be a pre-order page on the official website.  In any case, the first samples will be sent to the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign.

Although it is the ideal tool to give vent to creativity, 3Doodler is only recommended for boys and girls aged 12 years and over. The plastic that comes out is not dangerous in itself, but during use the tip reaches 270 °C temperature. In other words, better keep your fingers away.

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