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The Barcamper is off in search of Makers

Today 21 March the Barcamper from StartupItalia! is revving its engine at Codemotion in Rome in preparation for the “Rome Maker Faire Tour 2013”. The journey will cross Europe in search of makers and ideas to bring back to Rome for the Maker Faire from the 3-6 of October. The project was set up in collaboration with StartupItalia!, the platform for inventors directed by Riccardo Luna which starts on the same day.

The Barcamper will set off on its European tour after Easter and will end its search for new makers by 30th June. On its long journey the camper will be home to a team who will work on four wheels to find the best digital and creative talent in Europe and tell the story of the road towards the new industrial revolution.

The European tour of the Barcamper is a new way to find talented new makers and identify the ideas – all strictly hardware – that could be transformed into start-ups and become established entities in the universe of DIY alongside Makerbot and Arduino.

A search for brains used to getting their hands dirty together with Call for Makers, open until 2 June with the aim of bringing makers to Rome for the first ever European Maker Faire in history. Soon further information will be available on this site about the stops the Barcamper will make and the ideas which will hit the capital between the 3 and 6 October 2013.

The Barcamper from StartupItalia! is a camper that was bought in Florence for 30,000 euro on the 11th March. it was bought from Mayor of the Tuscan city Matteo Renzi, who had already toured Italy in it during the primary elections for the PD. The proceeds were donated to the Tommasino Bacciotti foundation .

#Didyouknow: the camper was decked out with the Maker Faire Rome banner. it’s really worth taking a look at the video of the transformation shot by Shoot4Change. Makers be warned: the Barcamper is ready to leave.

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